A Cup Full of Confidence

A few weeks ago, one of my social media followers asked me, “How do I get started?” I responded, “Take the first step and then you have to make a decision. Will I keep going or will I stop?”

Taking the first step is not always as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of courage to do something you are not comfortable with or have never done before. Many of us are experiencing these situations, particularly with the world health crisis, quarantined at home and in some cases isolation where we could use a confidence boost.

We are faced with having to consider undertaking activities for which we are not familiar. For the first time, we are challenged beyond our imagination. These are times when we may have to decide who is going to be the victor, our winning attitude or our negative self-conscious. I am hopeful your decision is to be victorious and have faith to take steps necessary to move from complacency to action.

Obstacles will try to block your vision and blur your path. Some obstacles are, too scared, lonely, too old, no one cares, not smart enough, not healthy enough or whatever a negative mind will concoct to keep you from fulfilling your goals, dreams and desires.

My mom, who is ninety years old and lives in a different city has never gone to drive-thru banking prior to COVID-19. She was determined to figure out how to bank a new way without assistance from my sisters who live close by. The first attempt, she was so nervous she drove through without making the transaction. Not to be defeated, she decided to give it another try a few weeks later. This time she managed to stop at the teller station, but was too short to reach the deposit tube and had to get out the car to complete the transaction. Her biggest concern was the car behind her had to wait, but she was proud that she took the ultimate first step. I’m pretty sure I won’t convince her to do online banking, but independence is important to her and the completion of that goal was an assurance she could perform a new task.

Both positive and negative experiences can boost your confidence. Don’t allow the current health crisis to be a road block to the possibilities that lie within you. Be determined to spring forward in spite of the circumstances.

If you rely on divine order to operate and take control of your life, you can arise above obstacles and make what may seem as the smallest step become a huge accomplishment. Your goal does not have to be big, it just needs to be meaningful to you.

The person who asked me how to get started revealed that she had health issues, but was determined to start moving instead of sitting in a chair feeling sorry for herself. She had to change her attitude about her physical condition in order to move forward. Changing your attitude will change your life. All you need is a cup full of courage.

A few Confident Boosters to consider are

- Tap into your imagination

- Adjust your focus

- Disconnect from distractions

- Open your mind to possibilities

- Practice self-love

- Stay energized with exercise, healthy diet and rest

- Be patient

- Pray

Sometimes we just need A Cup Full of Confidence.



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