How to Strengthen and Tone Abs

As a personal trainer, a question my clients frequently ask is, “How do I lose this stomach?” Since I primarily service an older clientele, my response is to encourage clients to tighten and tone through nutrition and exercises that improve the entire body.

The core is the area of our bodies that almost every adult is seeking to refine when they get involved in a fitness program. There is no question about it. We all want nice abs, but contrary to what is saturated on the Internet, great abs with six packs are not as easy as it appears.

As the central, most innermost and essential part of our bodies, the core area is more complicated than exercising regardless of how intense we workout. Our core is actually a complex series of muscle movement incorporated in almost every body movement except the arms and legs. The core is muscle and what we build around it through poor diets, excess eating and lack of proper exercise are fat tissues. Consider this. When we want to eat an orange, in order to get to the juice, we have to peel away the skin. As with our core, in order to get to the muscle, we have to peel away fat tissues. Thus, it becomes essential to focus on the importance of incorporating a fitness program that includes exercises to benefit the entire body function.

Regardless of age, you can have success in tightening and toning your core by following these lifestyle changes.

- Eliminate high-fat diets

- Incorporate a healthy diet with green vegetables and fruit. Consider a plant-based diet.

- Start with basic core stability exercises that may include push-ups, prone plank and side planks. An alternate is standing and seated exercises core.

- As you become comfortable with basic exercises, increase your workouts (preferably with professional assistance) with weight training, lunges and squats.

Your goal does not have to be centered on having rock-hard abs, but strengthening your core will help improve your posture, balance, back and pelvis muscles. Remember we want to look good, but more important, we want to feel good.

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