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As a certified senior and women’s fitness specialist, I understand exactly what you may be feeling about your body.  As we age, maintaining an active physical lifestyle is important. That’s why I’m inspired to share my knowledge and experience with women who have similar goals and desires to Get Fit!

Three years ago, I became a certified personal trainer.  I didn’t jump on the bandwagon. I’ve been dedicated to a fitness lifestyle for most of my adult life.  In fact, it was while working out in a local fitness club that I recognized the gap in specialized training for older adults. I started a new career in my sixties doing something I enjoy while helping women to improve their well-being and physical health.

Through my social media platform, friends and followers who began to ask questions about starting a fitness regime, navigating through health concerns or simply how to perform a basic exercise, I am motivated to do more to help others. With a track record of mentoring and coaching women on wellness through fitness classes, as well as conducting business and self-development workshops and seminars for over nineteen years, I created this site to fill a gap.  

Sheila’s Fit 50 Plus will provide inspiration and motivation for physical and spiritual health from an accountability coach. As a breast cancer survivor, God has blessed me with the opportunity to share my experiences and testimonies in this arena.  My diagnosis helped me to stand up rather than give up. I know firsthand, it’s important to actively maintain the best possible physical and emotional health, even when afflicted with medical challenges.

Prior to becoming involved in the fitness industry, I owned an event decorating and management company where I successfully produced events, promotions and trade shows for a wide range of clients ranging from corporate, entertainment, non-profit, community and education for over twenty-five years.



  • NASA Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASA Certified Senior Fitness Specialist

  • NASA Certified Women’s Fitness Specialist

  • Group Senior Aerobics

  • Group Balance, Core Strengthening and Flexibility

  • Silver Sneakers Trainer

  • MBA – Leadership

  • BS – Business Management



Senior training is not easier training.  It’s training specifically modified to focus on the needs of active or inactive older adults. We provide fitness programs to encourage and help you build strength, stability, flexibility and cardio training to improve cardiovascular health and combat the effects of age-specific conditions. Training and consultations may include standing and or seated exercises, weight training, balance and core strengthening, medicine ball and resistance bands workout and wellness coaching.

            GROUP TRAINING


Group training is one of my specialties.  It’s a fun way to interact with other participants while integrating fitness classes to increase endurance, muscular strength, range of movement and activities through circuit training, aerobics and line dancing in a modified pace. Group training is changing the dynamics of when and where we work out.  Please request me for your health and fitness events on the contact page.



The workplace consists of people of all abilities and ages. We offer programming designed specifically for older adults in the workplace to encourage employees to stay fit with exercise plans to help improve physical and mental capacity.  We are currently in the process of developing an online training for the workplace so employees can stream fitness workouts.


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